In order to be able to give you a target price, we ask you the following:

  • Take a detailed photo of the part to be chromed
  • If necessary, keep a tape measure next to the part
  • State the total circumference in the length and width of the part

The price is largely dependent on the surface. The more information you can give us, the more accurate the target price will be. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a target price without a photo. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the chrome plating of light-alloy wheels and plastic.

Send all your information to:


G&R Chroming and Restoration is proud to provide you with the best quality chrome work and to provide a one-year warranty.

We also guarantee:

  • We guarantee to our customers that the chrome work of the parts, under normal conditions and use, will remain free from defects such as flaking
  • The warranty period is one year from the invoice date
  • Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantee on the chrome plating of zamak
  • G&R Chroming and Restoration promises their customers to repair the parts found to be defective free of charge
  • The costs of disassembly and assembly as well as shipping are not covered by the warranty
  • Damage due to abuse, negligence, improper assembly, contact damage, accidents or collisions, stone chips, harmful cleaning agents, extreme road conditions (e.g. brine) are not covered by the warranty